Gameface sample workout: Tabata Sprints/Pushups/Situps

Gameface sample workout: Tabata punches/Squats/Box jumps

Gameface sample workout: Tabata stairs/BOSU pushups/pullups 

My fitness journey..

After my first record deal, I began to notice how out of breath I was on stage and how out of shape I was for my new career.  To combat this I picked up runnning again and began to structure my training time to be as long as my show time (45 min +).  UnfortunateIy, I began to live an unhealthy life of minimal sleep, excessive junk food and stressfull travel.  Concurrently, my age at the time was my mid 20s and I began to notice that my metabolism was changing, I could no longer live like I did in my teens.

While living a life in the public eye I started packing on the pounds and I began to notice in my press photos how much my appearance was changing (for the worse).  My breaking point was a picture of myself with my shirt off on vacation in the Caribbean.. It made me disgusted.  By the time I had recorded my third album I was noticing the double chins and my growing midsection was getting harder to hide in my baggy clothes.  My appearance change was combined with the fact that I was getting sick constantly... I realized that something had to change.

I joined a gym but had no idea where to start or what to do so I began by running long distance only to find this sort of training wasn't effecting my weight.  Rather than asking for help, I began to run high-intensely over shorter amounts of time only to find myself pendulum swinging to the other side.  I dropped the weight, but rather than getting healthy I became too skinny with no muscle tone and no health improvements.  

Growing frustrated I took up home-based workout progams such as P90X, Insanity, Asylum in a last ditch effort to see change.  With some improvements starting to happen, I still found these intense programs actually left me chronically injured and fatigued.  I was heading in the right direction but I still didnt have the health or look I desired...  the stubborn fat didnt seem to come off the matter how hard I worked out.  

Desiring to raise my kids properly I began to look into organic eating and examine the pitfalls of the  American system of food production.  Step by step, I began to change my processed/unhealthy American diet to an organic and natural based diet of whole foods and proper macro-nutrients.  I also began to study how to eat on the road and how to avoid the dangers of restaurant/fast food chain menus.  

I threw myself into super high intensity workouts.. while also training for multiple 5k charity races.  To further my knowledge I took an online program to become a personal trainer (ISSA) with the motive of how gain an understanding on how to train the body properly.

I stumbled across and article about Tabata training.. it promised the same results of what I had previously attained however it could be achieved in a fraction of the time.  Hindered by an injury and having to revamp my entire training regime, Tabata training finally took off the stubborn fat that had eluded me all the years.  I began to add free and body weight training to my exercise program along with revamping my protein to carb ratio and finally saw the breakthrough I had been looking for. 

Strength wise and energy wise I feel like I'm back in high school!  I rarely get sick anymore and feel like I'm in the best shape of my life...  I don't claim to have all the answers but I do know that I've found something that works!  My current exercise regime translates right to my stage performances and continues to give me the stamina that I need to be a full time artist, dad and husband.  With everything I do I want to honor God with my body (I Corinth 6:20), I believe strongly that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit I don't want the temple to be a garbage dump...

My prayer is that I can share with you the information that I've leared and we can grow stronger together on this journey…

One love one God one Way..